Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Hotel Nantucket (Elin Hilderbrand)

It's just not summer without a new Elin Hilderbrand book. I've read most of them -- some I've liked more than others. I'm happy to say that in this humble reader's opinion, The Hotel Nantucket is one of her best.

Why? It has it all -- Hilderbrand's beloved Nantucket setting, interesting characters you really care about, sumptuous food descriptions, and even a ghost! The main character of The Hotel Nantucket is, well, the Hotel Nantucket. This hotel has a tragic history -- in 1922, a fire killed Grace, a maid, and no one ever knew what happened to her. The hotel opened and closed a few times since then, until no one wanted it anymore. That is, until billionaire Xavier Darling buys it and wants to restore it to its glory. Xavier hires Lizbet Keaton as the hotel's general manager, and Lizbet in turn, hires the rest of the staff. Throughout the book, we not only get to know the staff's stories but also the colorful guests. And lest we forget Grace, she haunts the hotel and can't rest in peace until people know what really happened to her. 

All of these characters come together to create a truly wonderful book that's perfect for summertime. Best of all, since Lizbet creates a Blue Book for her guests to get to know Nantucket, Hilderbrand puts her own guide in the back of the book. This is truly one of Hilderbrand's best and one that will get a rare 5 rating.