Sunday, December 12, 2010

The False Friend (Myla Goldberg)

Sometimes life gets in the way of regularly blogging, especially when said blogging is about books. One needs time to carefully read and provide honest and fair reviews. The False Friend, as my first reviewed book in quite awhile, was quite disappointing.

The premise is intriguing enough. One random day, Celia Durst is walking to her Chicago job, and suddenly has a long-suppressed memory. When she was eleven years old, her best friend, Djuna, got into a stranger's car in the woods, and never was seen or heard from again. Celia goes back to her hometown of Jensenville, insisting that there never was a car. Her parents, boyfriend, and childhood friends try to prove otherwise.

What I found so frustrating about this book is that it should be a clear-cut mystery. Did Djuna get into the car? Did Celia cover it up? Instead, Goldberg turns it into Celia's wild goose chase, and the reader is left with no answers. If I am going to spend time with a book, I want to feel satisifed. This just didn't do that for me.