Tuesday, July 5, 2022

What Happened to the Bennetts (Lisa Scottoline)

Bestselling author Lisa Scottoline's What Happened to the Bennetts is told in two parts -- one far more interesting than the other.

Jason Bennett and his family are driving home from a lacrosse game when a truck starts tailing them. Two men then draw guns on the family and want the car. What happens next changes their lives forever. Because of who these two men are, the family have 15 minutes to grab what they want to save from their home and enter the witness protection program. They of course are having trouble adjusting to leaving behind everything they know, but leaving the program would be far too dangerous. 

After a big twist that I never saw coming, Jason decides to take matters into his own hands. Part two is where we get "Superman" Jason, and things just get more unbelievable on every page, with Jason going after Mob bosses, crooked lawyers and politicians, and even the FBI. There are too many unrealistic events that take place in part two, but part one is riveting. So I'm going to average my rating out to a 3.