Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Light of Hidden Flowers (Jennifer Handford)

What does it mean to really live?  Are we meant to take life by the horns and suck every ounce we can out of it, or is better to just sit back and let others do it?  In Jennifer Handford's The Light of Hidden Flowers, the answer is pretty clear, and the main character's journey to this realization is one that readers will love taking with her.

Missy Fletcher is a partner in her father's financial firm. Frank Fletcher is Missy's only family member, as her mother died when Missy was very young and she doesn't have any siblings.  A force to be reckoned with, Frank loves life, enjoys it immensely, and can't understand why his daughter is content to just sit in the background, going home every night to her Jeopardy reruns, Facebook lurking, and pistachio gelato.  Missy's dream has always been to go to Italy, but her debilitating fear of flying has kept her grounded.  When Frank develops Alzheimer's and ultimately passes away, it's a letter
he leaves Missy that helps her to turn her life around, becoming more assertive, contacting a lost love, and even getting over her fear of the airplane to do something great.

Not to sound all Oprah, but The Light of Hidden Flowers is one of those wonderful books that really makes you think about how you're living your own life.  With characters you come to care about (especially Missy, who you'll be rooting for all the way), it's perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up.