Monday, April 18, 2016

Shared Prosperity in America's Communities (Edited by Susan M. Wachter and Lei Ding)

Shared Prosperity in America's Communities is not a light, breezy read by any means.  This series of case studies and essays discusses the impact of increasing income inequality in America over the last thirty years, highlighting the impacts of poverty, its geographic reach, and the successes of a few metropolitan areas in addressing the issue.

Susan Wachter of the University of Pennsylvania and Lei Ding of the Federal Reserve have assembled essays from various contributors that go into depth on one of the bigger economic issues that Americans are facing.  These essays offer some suggestions about how to level the playing field by going beyond the usual talking point rhetoric you hear on cable news, bringing some concrete suggestions and less hot air to an issue that impacts millions of Americans.

Simply because Shared Prosperity in America's Communities is a collection of essays, it's more difficult to review than other books would be.  The essays require time and thought to work through given the subject matter and content, so I would recommend reading no more than one at a time due to the depth of the content involved.  However, the content is well-organized and sequential, the essay layout makes sense, and the research and data behind the surveys is logical and fits the narrative that Wachter and Ding are promoting.  Those who are in the economic, community development, financial, or government realms especially should read it, as the target of this collection is geared toward those fields.