Sunday, April 3, 2016

Where We Fall (Rochelle B. Weinstein)

Rochelle B. Weinstein’s Where We Fall is the story of a love triangle gone wrong.  Unfortunately, the book was very flat for me with characters I just couldn’t come to like.

Lauren and Ryan fell instantly in love when they were in college, and together with Lauren’s best friend, Abby, they did everything together.  When Lauren took off on the adventure of a lifetime, she promised Ryan that she’d be back, but when his father passed away, Lauren was nowhere to be found.  Abby took fast advantage of that situation, and she and Ryan ended up married and parents to Juliana.  Fast forward to present day, and Ryan still can’t understand why he didn’t hear from Lauren after his father’s death.  With each chapter narrated in the first person by a different character, the complete story is told, with a teenage love story between Juliana and her football star boyfriend, E.J., also thrown in.

If all this sounds complicated, that’s because it is.  But the plot itself isn’t what makes the book uninteresting (although the Abby/Ryan/Lauren story is much better than the Juliana/E.J. story).  The wording is far too superfluous, and I just kept wishing for Weinstein to get to the point of the chapter already.  Goodreads says that it took me over two months to read Where We Fall; it was just too wordy for me, and two months is far too long for me to spend with characters I couldn’t come to care about.