Friday, April 22, 2016

First Comes Love (Emily Giffin)

Emily Giffin's First Comes Love starts out sweetly enough, with an ordinary family home for the holidays.  Giffin lulls her readers into this Normal Rockwell type painting for only a little while before suddenly pulling the rug out from under them in a heart-wrenching way.  And so begins the story of a broken family who are still trying to heal from a tragedy even years down the road.

Sisters Josie and Meredith could not be more opposite, in careers, in temperaments, in beliefs.  First-grade teacher Josie is widely seen as the irresponsible one, but even though Meredith seems to have it all (a husband, a daughter, a high-powered career), she is restless and unhappy.  The siblings never seem to see eye-to-eye, and things are made even worse when they finally deal with what really happened on that tragic night fifteen years before.

What works so well in First Comes Love is its emotional honesty.  Josie and Meredith may think they don't need each other, but when they finally confront all that's happened and analyze their own life choices, they come to find that sisters really have one of the greatest bonds.