Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Family Plot (Megan Collins)

I don't really have a genre that's my favorite, but I do tend to gravitate toward darker books. No matter how dark the book, however, there needs to be some realism within the darkness for it to make sense. This is not the case with Megan Collins's The Family Plot.

Dahlia Lighthouse has come back home to bury her father. "Home" is a place that's filled with people who are obsessed with true crime. I know a lot of people who love to read true crime but not people who's mother made them write "murder" reports and do honorings as part of her true crime homeschooling curriculum. Or a sister who does dioramas of infamous killings and puts them on social media. Or a brother who puts together a "murder memorial" museum in his own house. See the lack of realism above.

When Dahlia's father's grave is dug, a shocking discovery is made -- there's another body in it. This body is Dahlia's twin brother, Andy, who went missing years before. How Andy got there is the main plot, along with who the identity is of the island's serial killer. 

This one wasn't for me, even though I like darker books. I feel like it had promise, but the plot was just too unrealistic.