Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Taste: My Life Through Food (Stanley Tucci)

Always a wonderfully reliable actor, Stanley Tucci also became something of an Internet phenomenon during quarantine, showing us all how to make delicious cocktails. It's this love of everything food and drink that comes out loud and clear in Taste: My Life Through Food.

Taste is everything you'd expect from Stanley Tucci and more. It's delightful, comforting reading, and I dare you not to want to cook and eat everything Tucci mentions. Each chapter tells of a tale of his life in food, from having delicious homemade Italian dinners every night growing up to his newfound obsession with his wife's roasted potatoes. A variety of recipes are interspersed throughout, encouraging you to put the book down for a few minutes to go try something yourself.

I loved this book. Its comforting premise is just what the world needs now as we try to come out of Covid. Strongly recommended!