Saturday, November 27, 2021

Churchill, Master and Commander: Winston Churchill at War 1895-1945 (Anthony Tucker-Jones)

Winston Churchill is known for his military career - not just in active military service. Churchill also had journalistic adventures writing about war while in South Africa, as well as leading militaries throughout his government career. Churchill’s military exploits took him to Cuba, India, and the Sudan before embarking on decades in Britain’s Parliament, ultimately serving as British Prime Minister during World War II. 

Churchill, Master and Commander, by Anthony Tucker-Jones, highlights Churchill’s military track record. While many of us remember his leadership as Prime Minister, resolute in helping Britain survive and ultimately help the Allies defeat Germany and Japan, his track record of military strategy is much more of a mixed bag. Tucker-Jones discusses those failings, as well as Churchill’s highlights throughout a long career.

I enjoyed this book. It’s a fair, detailed, and well-written account of Churchill, showcasing his leadership but also his mistakes and how his experiences helped shape a man who had a complicated but legendary career of leadership. If not for Churchill, it’s quite conceivable that British history and the outcome of World War II would have been markedly different. Fans of history and particularly fans of Winston Churchill will enjoy reading this book.