Friday, September 7, 2018

Her One Mistake (Heidi Perks)

Her One Mistake by Heidi Perks takes the reader on a thrilling ride and has a killer twist I didn't see coming. As books often do, it fizzles out in the last few pages with an unsatisfying ending, but I did quite enjoy getting to that point.

Harriet is an overprotective parent who would never dream of leaving her little girl, Alice, with any babysitter. Her best friend, Charlotte, persuades Harriet to let her take care of her for a few hours so Harriet can take a bookkeeping class. In Charlotte's care, Alice disappears into thin air. While Harriet, her husband, and the police desperately search for the four-year-old, Charlotte cannot let her guilt be eased, wracking her brain for where she went so terribly wrong.

The reader will never see coming what really happened to Alice; the remainder of the book follows the repercussions of the reveal. The ending of Her One Mistake did not provide the closure I was hoping for and felt rushed, but with Perks's exciting writing, you can almost forgive her for it.