Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lies (T.M. Logan)

I've been running my blog for a long time, and over the years, I've written hundreds of reviews. I could probably count on two hands how many 5-star reviews I've given. The criteria for a 5 is simple: "Excellent. I would read it again in a heartbeat." I'm happy to report that T.M. Logan's Lies is one of the award winners. I simply couldn't stop reading, and you probably won't be able to either. Once you think you guessed the twists correctly, the author is proud to show you that you didn't.

Joe Lynch lives a simple, happy existence with his wife and young son. However, have you ever done one thing that seems innocent enough, but then things completely snowball? That's what happens to Joe when he sees his wife's car in a hotel parking lot and decides to stop. After that, nothing is ever the same. Logan certainly didn't pick his title out of thin air; it's called that for a reason, and it would do the reader a lot of good if he or she would remember that.

Logan is an absolute master with cliffhangers, and every chapter ends with one. I'm purposely not going too deeply into the plot explanation because the layers are deep in Lies. This is a book you'll read long into the night, enjoying every single page while you try to guess where the author will take you next.