Saturday, January 24, 2015

Before I Go (Colleen Oakley)

Bring out the tissues for Colleen Oakley's debut novel Before I Go.  A one-sentence synopsis should be all you need to understand why -- a woman with a recurrence of breast cancer and given only months to live undertakes a mission to find her husband a new wife.

Daisy and Jack are all ready to celebrate Daisy being cancer-free for three years.  However, they are given the tremendously hard news that her cancer is back and is now at Stage 4.  This heart-wrenching diagnosis is hard enough to take for them both, but Daisy is even more worried about Jack being alone when she is gone.  Therefore, she resolves to spend her remaining days finding a new life partner for her husband.

Before I Go asks a tough-as-nails question of all of us.  Whose happiness is more important when put in this impossible situation? Oakley's novel shows that there is definitely no clear-cut answer.