Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Piece of My Heart (Jane Green)

Author Jane Green is no stranger to producing fiction that tugs at your heart.  Another Piece of My Heart is yet another example of this.  Green is definitely not the twisty type; in other words, you won’t find anyone accidentally marrying their second cousin on the last page.  The reader knows exactly what to expect, and usually can see something coming from a mile away like an impending train.  In my mind, that makes what does happen sometimes even harder to take. 

Our heroine, Andi, has married late in life to a handsome divorcee named Ethan.  Marrying him is a package deal – he has two daughters, Sophia and Emily.  Andi has always wanted to be a mother, but due to her advancing age, may not get that chance with her own child.  She embraces Sophia and Emily as her own, but troubled Emily wants no part of any relationship with Andi, blaming her for her parents’ divorce. 

When Emily finds herself in the most difficult position of her young life, it is Andi who offers the biggest support. Switching the narrators effectively gives us insight into each character’s point of view, and as I said, there are no big surprises here with the plot.  Still though, Another Piece of My Heart pulls at your heartstrings, especially because you know exactly what’s coming next.