Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Tucci Table (Stanley Tucci)

Stanley Tucci -- not the most popular actor in the world, but you've definitely seen him in lots of places.  He stole every scene he was in in The Devil Wears Prada (with Meryl Streep no less) and was Streep's equal partner in Julie & Julia.  Now he has brought his Italian heritage to all of us with The Tucci Table, a cookbook that will certainly get well used in my kitchen.

The Tucci Table is filled with delicious recipes, colorful pictures, and timeless family stories.  He combines wonderful Italian dishes from his heritage with British recipes from his wife, all guaranteed to bring the family around the table. From Tuscan Tomato Soup to Fish and Chips to Beef Wellington to Raspberry Ripple Lemon Cake, there is something for everyone's palate in The Tucci Table.

In this rush-rush world where getting everyone together for dinner is often a fantasy, it's so nice that Stanley Tucci is still trying to make it a reality.