Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ghostman (Roger Hobbs)

Wow, by the review snippets on this book's jacket, I was expecting something spectacular and never-before-seen in the crime novel genre.  Instead, Roger Hobbs's Ghostman is filled with unmemorable characters and a plot that just didn't keep my interest.

The novel begins with an attempted Atlantic City casino robbery that goes awry quickly.  Only one of the two robbers has survived, and he ends up vanishing with all the money.  Marcus, the heist's "brains", is far away from the action and calls in the Ghostman to find out what happened; in so doing, the Ghostman can pay a long-owed "debt" to Marcus.  As his name suggests, the Ghostman's identity is always changing with the crime, and he makes himself invisible in between each one.  Simultaneously, Hobbs also flashes back to the foreign bank heist that got the Ghostman into Marcus's bad graces to begin with.

Though mildly entertaining at times, Ghostman was definitely not for me.  I found the characters very cookie cutter and the ending silly.  I seem to be in the minority however, so use your own judgment here.