Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Quick (Lauren Owen)

Wow, what a book!  It seems like I've been in a pattern of rating books a 3 or 4 lately and haven't given out a 5 since Kimberly McCreight's outstanding Reconstructing Amelia.  However, that's all about to change with Lauren Owen's spectacular debut novel The Quick, a haunting (literally) novel that will take your breath away and keep your heart in a constant state of racing.

As most reviewers of this book have already stated, you can't write too much without giving too much away.  The Quick is best left up to the reader to unfold its many, many layers.  The bare bones: Charlotte and James Norbury are an English brother and sister growing up on a large estate in the late 1800s.  When writer James grows up, he moves to London and finds himself getting involved with a young aristrocrat, soon being introduced to all that is London high society.  Then, without warning, he goes missing, and Charlotte is desperate to find him.  Her journey for the truth is bone-chilling and filled with unforgettable characters (some of whom you wish you COULD forget). 

And that's all I can say without spoiling it; your job now is to run to the bookstore and get yourself a copy (well, when it comes out in June 2014).  You won't be disappointed and will find yourself staying up late into the night to find out what happens. Fabulous debut!