Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tempting Fate (Jane Green)

I'm going to start with a full-out disclaimer: Parts of Jane Green's Tempting Fate made me so angry that I physically wanted to throw the book against the wall.  I actually found myself yelling at Gabby, the main character, and really getting way too emotionally involved.  For you see, this is the classic"throw-it-all-away" story, with Gabby becoming obsessed with a younger guy she meets in a bar and...well, this can't end well.  Or can it?

After calming myself down, I was able to continue Tempting Fate in a less angry fashion, realizing that we've all done lots of things in life that we regret. However, this being chick lit, you should know by now that major repercussions will be had; Gabby's entire life (and those of her family and friends) is in turmoil, and she must try to put the pieces back together, however hard that will be.

This is a welcome addition to Jane Green's collection of smart beach reads.  Some reviewers have written that they found it difficult to root for Gabby; however, in the end, life is filled with the mistakes people make.  It's those who pick themselves up and dust themselves off that learn the most.