Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Vacation (Jane Green)

I began reading Jane Green's novella Vacation thinking it was going to be a great summer book. Then I saw the reindeer on the cover. So I kept waiting for any mention of Christmas, which doesn't happen for a long time. I think this book suffers from a case of identity confusion. But if it doesn't know what it wants to be then the reader certainly doesn't either. 

Sarah Evans is married to Eddie, and they have two small children. The problem is that Eddie is constantly in front of the TV ignoring her and their kids. Eddie eventually needs to go to Chicago for her job, so Sarah takes the opportunity to ask for a trial separation. Eddie feels blindsided but chooses to think of the separation as a "vacation". 

Eddie and Sarah both choose to "better" themselves during their separation. But Christmas is about to happen, so it's not that difficult to see where this plot is going. This book was just ok for me -- there are much better Christmas books out there, if this book indeed wants to be classified as one.