Saturday, March 20, 2021

Digital Nomads: In Search of Freedom, Community, and Meaningful Work in the New Economy (Rachael A. Woldoff and Robert C. Litchfield)

In Digital Nomads, authors Rachael A. Woldoff and Robert C. Litchfield focus specifically on the creative class that has relocated to Bali in recent years to hone their craft. Many of the transplants, often only in Bali for short stays before hopping off to another destination or back to their country of residence, work in a freelance or entrepreneurial space and have exited corporate life due to lack of fulfillment, stress, or a host of other reasons. Many are of the Millennial generation, although the authors introduce us to individuals who are older who were early adopters of the nomad lifestyle.  The authors discuss the tribal-like support of these individuals for each other, many of whom talk about working with “the right types of people” and having the “right types of support” in their professional and personal lives.

Digital Nomads is well-written and balanced, focusing on those who are successful through merit, as well as those who faked it and partially made it in Bali. You may end up laughing a bit at some of the Millennial stereotypes being played out and cringe a bit at some of the Western cultural expectations that nomads bring to Bali, but you will learn a lot about the jetset lifestyle these individuals are living.