Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Project (Courtney Summers)

I had mixed feelings about The Project by Courtney Summers. On the one hand, it was very well written and the characters well developed. On the other hand, I found it easy to put down, with a plot lacking in believability and without much of a payoff at the end.

Lo is seriously injured in the hospital, having just been in the same car accident that killed her parents. Her sister, Bea, keeps vigil, and then suddenly disappears to join The Unity Project. She leaves Lo in the care of their great aunt, but Lo is determined to find her sister and expose The Unity Project for the cult it is.

The Project is told in alternate timelines between Lo and Bea, and Summers does a nice job of paralleling the characters. But it just didn't keep my attention the way I was hoping it to.