Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hunger: The Oldest Problem (Martín Caparrós)

Hunger: The Oldest Problem is Martín Caparrós's passionate account of the starving in our world and his take on the causes of hunger -- despite the world producing more than enough food to feed everyone more than necessary. Caparrós originally wrote this book in 2014 in Spanish, with a recent update featuring an edition in English. 

His stories take the reader throughout the globe - including here in the United States -- highlighting accounts of starving within Chicago and organizations that are trying to combat it. The author spends significant amounts of time in Africa and South Asia, where the problems these nations face vary in specific causes but share many common bonds. He also talks about the geopolitics behind the current state of hunger, the corporatism that helps fuel it, and the struggles that over a billion humans face in getting enough to eat on a daily basis. 

Caparrós’s journalism is captivating, and his storytelling is powerfully painted. You sense his frustration at a number of entities and globalism for the state of affairs among the hungry billion. While you may not agree with some of what he advocates, you will certainly empathize with the plight of the hungry and will be left with plenty to contemplate once you finish reading.