Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Other Mrs. (Mary Kubica)

Mary Kubica's The Other Mrs. is an addictive thriller that will keep
you up late into the night. It's filled with twists and turns that you won't see coming, and once you think they're over, they hit you again.

Will and Sadie Foust move their two sons halfway across the country into Will's sister's house after her suicide. They also become guardians of Imogen, Will's troubled teen niece. The people on this coastal island seem mistrustful and guarded of the new family. One day, their neighbor is found dead, and Sadie is deemed suspicious. She is prone to not remembering things, but she knows she is not a murderer. What really happened that night is something she needs to find out for both her and her family's sake.

What's most interesting about The Other Mrs. are the peripheral characters -- Camille and Mouse. How they are connected to the story are part of the mouth-dropping twists and turns I was referring to. This is a great read in a time when originality in this genre is tough to come by anymore.