Sunday, October 6, 2019

Reinventing the Organization (Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich)

Reinventing the Organization attempts to provide a blueprint to business leaders to assist them in developing a model of success in an era where change happens fast and new ways to do business arise quickly. While the organizations authors Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich highlight certainly provide examples of businesses that have achieved tremendous success both here and abroad, the book may not be of much help to smaller businesses.

Yeung and Ulrich provide extensive research into several tech businesses, and from their research, create a six-step organizational toolkit. According to them, each of these companies possesses characteristics outlined within the toolkit and advocate that application of this toolkit can yield better results within your own business.  While it’s completely fair to point out that the companies used as case studies in Reinventing the Organization are massively successful, they all had their genesis and development in technology. It’s odd that not even one case study came from outside of Silicon Valley or the tech sector in China; this exclusion hurts the potential relevance this book could have had across all sectors of business.

This book is worthwhile...if you are looking to start up or reinvent  a technology company. For someone in a different type of business, while they can probably cherry pick some useful information that can theoretically be applied, it may come across like a “How to Scale Your Tech Startup Just Like Amazon!” instead of “How can I Make My Existing Business Operate Better?".