Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The High Season (Judy Blundell)

It took me a little while to write this review because I needed to get my thoughts together. I also had to figure out why Judy Blundell's The High Season intrigued me some but also rubbed me the wrong way.

Ruthie Beamish is the owner of a lovely house in a quiet village near the Hamptons. Not wealthy by any means, she (along with her ex-husband, Mike) inherited the house from an old relative, and it was quite the fixer-upper. They were still married as they worked diligently and creatively to fix the home on a budget. Now, the family can only afford to stay there the rest of the year if they rent it out the entire summer season. This particular year, the house is being rented by Adeline Clay and her stepson. Once they get there, mayhem ensues.

Blundell is a good storyteller, but I found many of the characters so unlikable that I didn't care most of the time what the end result would be. There were also so many characters (most of them rich beyond belief), and almost every one of them did something outlandish (or criminal even) that had me shaking my head. I finished it, but I have to wonder if I wasted my time doing so.