Friday, July 19, 2019

It's the Manager (Jim Clifton and Jim Harter)

It’s the Manager from Gallup's Jim Clifton and Jim Harter offers a concise set of principles to manage a workplace. Besides offering opinion polling and research into popular culture and political topics, Gallup provides significant resources to corporations into workplace dynamics, employee performance, and how “engaged” an employee is with their work. 

If you are in the business world, this book will probably not shatter or change any preconceived notions. Many who have worked in the corporate space believe that a manager makes or breaks it for employees on the job and that a bad manager can contribute to a toxic workplace or a culture that makes it absolutely miserable to go to the office. It’s pretty likely that we all have had a horrible boss at some point. Clifton and Harter offer over fifty topics on how your organization can improve performance. None of the suggestions are incredibly difficult to implement on their own but all require some change in the organization’s culture. In addition to these topics, the book has over 150 pages of research into personality types, workplace surveys, and analytics to help tie everything together. 

Clifton and Harter impress upon the reader that with Millennials and Generation Z taking over as the largest part of the workforce, businesses need to improve their understanding of what these workers want in their relationship with management. As someone who is a proud Generation Xer, I am apt to argue that it is not just about Gen Z and the Millennial - the tips and suggestions that are made in the book can transcend generations and help your business (and you, the manager) perform better.