Thursday, April 11, 2019

Between the Lies (Michelle Adams)

Michelle Adams's Between the Lies has a premise that should hook you immediately: What would happen if you woke up and couldn't remember a thing? Such is the case with the main character Chloe Daniels. She wakes up in a hospital with absolutely no memories of how she got there or who her family members are. Sounds interesting, right? It certainly does, but the payoff at the end is just not there.

As Chloe goes through her recovery at her parents' house, she tries to put together the puzzle pieces of her life. She knows she was in an accident and that the accident involved her young son. Was she responsible for it? Her father specifically attempts to help her, but Chloe is not sure the methods he is using is good for her. As the narrative evolves, Chloe begins to figure out bits and pieces until she finally remembers what truly happened.

I am usually not one to figure twists out easily, but this is actually pretty simple. I think the problem was that I didn't find the story as a whole plausible, which I believe a mystery novel needs to be. In addition, the reader doesn't find out much of the backstory behind what led up to the accident, so the payoff isn't rewarding. This is one I just didn't enjoy all that much.