Monday, January 14, 2019

I Owe You One (Sophie Kinsella)

In this day and age, sometimes you just need a book you can get lost in for awhile. There's nothing really surprising in Sophie Kinsella's I Owe You One; it's just your typical formulaic love story. But that doesn't mean it's any less enjoyable.

Our main character is Fixie Farr, and no, I'm not even kidding. Fawn is nicknamed Fixie because of her tendency to want to make things right. She, along with her mother and siblings, are the owners of Farr's general store, a cute little place with loyal customers and a "Cake Club." One day, Fixie saves a handsome stranger's laptop from water damage in a coffee shop (don't even ask), and the stranger tells her if she ever needs anything to just ask. Fixie has no intention of ever taking him up on the offer until an unforeseen circumstance with her "boyfriend" gives her no choice in the matter. As is typical with these kinds of books, a bunch of horrible events then come together to give us the nice, sweet ending we all deserve.

Fixie starts off I Owe You One as a complete doormat, but I enjoyed seeing her grow into a stronger person. I have always love Kinsella's writing -- she can be hysterically funny or so sad you want to cry. Her latest is no exception, and it's the perfect book to cuddle up with some tea and a blankie.