Sunday, July 1, 2018

Something in the Water (Catherine Steadman)

I was incredibly excited to read Catherine Steadman's Something in the Water. From the "killer" first line ("Have you ever wondered how long it takes to dig a grave?"), she had my complete attention for many chapters. No interruptions were going to draw me away from finding out what happens in this book! Then something changed for the worse, and I think I finally figured out what that was. But first, the synopsis...

Our heroine, Erin, seems to have it all. She's about to break through as a documentary filmmaker and has a dashingly handsome fiance in investment banker Mark. On their honeymoon, they stumble across a huge discovery, one with the most dangerous consequences imaginable. Together, they must decide whether to keep that secret or tell the authorities of their findings. One thing leads to another until it all boils over on the last few pages.

Steadman's introduction of Erin digging the grave is stellar. Did she kill someone? Is she dangerous? Was someone out to get her and she killed them? However, as the chapters went on, I found myself almost yelling at the pages, trying to warn Erin against her own stupidity. Her actions became less and less believable. I also found the cohesiveness of Something in the Water to be lacking. There were so many characters, and quite a few of them didn't mesh well with the major plotline. But again, I seem to be in the minority with this review. Something in the Water is a bestseller and getting great reviews. Not from
me though.