Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Guess Who (Chris McGeorge)

Filled with a few surprises and interesting twists, Chris McGeorge's debut Guess Who has as its core a  fresh plotline that you don't read about every day.

Ever since he solved a murder when he was the tender age of 11, Morgan Shepperd has become a star detective on TV, figuring out such Jerry Springer type cases like "Who's the father?" He lives a famous life, but a shallow one, filled with lies, drinking, and harmful substances. He wakes up one day drugged in a hotel room, only he's not alone -- five complete strangers are also waking up at the same time, and worse, they soon discover a corpse in the bathtub. A mysterious figure tells Morgan that someone in the room is the killer, and it is up to Morgan to solve the crime in three hours or the hotel will be blown up.

It sounds implausible, and it probably is, but that doesn't mean it's not a page-turner. The ending to me felt a little ridiculous, which is why I gave Guess Who a 3 rating, but I did greatly enjoy the process of getting there.