Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It's Always the Husband (Michele Campbell)

What's interesting about Michele Campbell's thrilling whodunit It's Always the Husband is that she gives you a huge hint about who the culprit is right on the cover.  Now whether to believe her or not -- that's an entirely different story.

Kate, Jenny, and Aubrey are three college roommates who, as roommates often do, go constantly back and forth between being friends and frenemies.  Kate has more money than she knows what to do with but is very troubled, taking drugs and sleeping around.  Aubrey is just the opposite financially -- she cannot afford much of anything. Jenny is the no-nonsense type.  A dangerous incident their freshman year threatens to derail not only their college careers but also their entire lives if anyone finds out.  The story effortlessly goes back and forth between that time and present day (when they are in their 40s).  Will that long-ago event come back to haunt them as they grapple with something even worse?

To me, many of the characters in this book are hard to care about.  Kate, in particular, is a prima donna and impossible to root for.  However, Campbell writes in such a way that she makes it very difficult to put this book down.  It's Always the Husband (or is it?) is a top-notch mystery.