Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Jersey Brothers (Sally Mott Freeman)

Sally Mott Freeman's The Jersey Brothers is a historical account of her own father and uncles’ service in World War II. The three Mott brothers were all Navy men, each assigned to different places throughout the War. Each brings a gripping account along with their experiences. World War II dramatically changed the Mott family in several ways, and the author takes great care to shape not only the Mott brothers' experience but also that of those that served with them.

The Jersey Brothers shares a great tale of the Mott and Cross families and how the three Mott brothers grew, each having different experiences in the Naval Academy and thereafter, setting the stage for how those experiences would shape them in the theatre of war. The biopic bounces between each brother: one worked for President Roosevelt for much of the war, the second served on the USS Enterprise, and the third was a prisoner of war in the Philippines. 

Ms. Freeman’s inaugural book incorporates letters to family from people who served with the Mott brothers, along with originally sourced material.  All is sequenced well to ensure the reader remains interested throughout the pages. It’s a riveting book that personalizes World War II and the struggle many families went through as brothers served and were separated in conflict.