Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Admissions (Meg Mitchell Moore)

At first glance, Meg Mitchell Moore's The Admissions seems to be referring to the pressure-filled world of college admissions.  In fact, daughter Angela Hawthorne and her father, Gabe, are desperate for her to be accepted into the hallowed halls of Harvard. However, it becomes apparent throughout the book that Moore was going a bit deeper into the meaning of the word "admissions."

The Hawthornes seem to be a have-it-all family living in sunny California.  Mom Nora is a real estate agent selling luxury properties; Gabe has a similarly lucrative career. Angela is stretched to the limit trying to reach her goals; in addition to being fast-as-lightning in cross country, she's also on track to becoming valedictorian of her class. Her younger sisters, Cecily and Maya, are also facing their own issues.

All this comes to a boiling head when the pressures of daily life seem to unravel the family.  What will they stoop to in the quest to remain "perfect" and prevent their secrets from coming out?  It is this where the origin of the title The Admissions becomes crystal clear.

Moore's novel is a quick read, whip-smart, and very relevant in today's world.  Is there ever a time when people can just sit back and enjoy life or is there just too much pressure today?  Moore addresses this head-on in an extremely thought-provoking novel.