Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where They Found Her (Kimberly McCreight)

From the author of Reconstructing Amelia (which I adored), Where They Found Her is another gripping story that sucks you right in from the start. And while I didn't love it quite as much, it was still a ride very much worth taking.

A baby's body has been found deep in the woods next to elite Ridgedale's university.  No one knows who the parents are or how she ended up there, and the case rocks the town that rarely sees crime of this nature (although there was a case years ago of a teenage boy dying in that very same location).  Since the usual reporters are unavailable, freelance journalist Molly Sanderson is called to tackle the case for the local newspaper; however, Molly is still trying to come to terms with the loss of her own baby.  Putting her own needs aside, she goes in full throttle and discovers that behind the huge houses, the residents of Ridgedale are keeping many secrets of their own.

Told through multiple narrators, newspaper accounts (with comments), diary entries, and transcripts of Molly's therapy sessions, Where They Found Her is intricately plotted and expertly woven. Characters run seamlessly through each other's lives, and while it's pretty easy to guess where this is going, the journey to get there is extremely satisfying.