Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Those Secrets We Keep (Emily Liebert)

When you’re headed out for a day on the beach, be sure to throw Emily Liebert’s Those Secrets We Keep in your bag next to your towel and sunscreen.  It’s a quick read, making it perfect for a weekend away, and the plot is exactly as the title describes: three friends who are keeping huge, life-altering secrets from each other as well as from their own families.

Sloane, whose sister has just recently passed away from cancer, invites her pal Hillary to her aunt’s house on Lake George for a girls’ weekend.  On their way there, Sloane gets a call from her wild old friend, Georgina, who strangely invites herself along on the trip.  Also at Lake George is Sloane’s ex-flame, Luke, an ultra-rich businessman; Sloane is already feeling bored in her marriage to Eddie, so having Luke there is of course a major temptation.  Hillary and Georgina also have a few secrets of their own.  Why didn’t Georgina contact Sloane after her sister’s death?  What's going on with Hillary and her struggle to have a child?

Besides finding Georgina’s plot and the fact that most everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow slightly implausible, I found Those Secrets We Keep an enjoyable read.  I look forward to reading more from Emily Liebert.