Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Boston Girl (Anita Diamant)

In The Boston Girl, author Anita Diamant shows what early twentieth century Boston life was like in novel form with great historical accuracy.  Eighty-five years young Addie Baum tells her emotional story to her granddaughter, a story that is filled with friendship and family.

Addie was born in 1900, one of three daughters of immigrant parents.  Her mother and father are unprepared for what meets them in America, but Addie takes full advantage of the changing opportunities for women. Even then, she wants what many of us want -- a career we love and relationships we cherish.  Through each tale she tells, we see life completely through her eyes, a life that's fraught with some complications but is also inspiring in its own right.

The Boston Girl has a heroine that women can look up to and root for all the way.  However, I would have liked to have read Addie's recollections with more embellishments; they were very straightforward and not complicated at all.  Some readers might enjoy this, but I was hoping for more.