Thursday, November 27, 2014

Those Who Wish Me Dead (Michael Koryta)

Having read and liked Michael Koryta's So Cold the River a few years back, I was happy that my book club selected his Those Who Wish Me Dead. It has the same level of high suspense but with more of an outdoor survivalist atmosphere.

Teenage Jace has witnessed a gruesome murder near his house, and now the perpetrators are out to make sure he doesn't speak (if you know what I mean). Jace is whisked away to hide in the mountains, where he attends a survival camp for troubled boys, led by Ethan. The only problem is that the murderers, two ultra creepy brothers, know the general whereabouts of Jace and will stop at nothing to find him. The novel becomes quite the game of cat and mouse, with a lot of characters interacting to either harm Jace or save him.

Those Who Wish Me Dead has some real heart-stopping moments, with almost everyone's life in danger at some point. There's a lot of foreshadowing, which makes it easy to tell who is going to make it out of the mountains and who's not. However, there are a lot of parts that I didn't see coming, and those are the best kind of reads.