Sunday, December 1, 2013

In the Blood (Lisa Unger)

As you might expect from a novel called In the Blood, it's not going to be about sunshine and roses.  I rated Lisa Unger's Fragile a rare 5/5 back in 2010, calling it "a mystery in the best sense of the word, with well-developed characters and slow-building suspense."  While I'm rating In the Blood a 4/5, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself chilled to the bone more often than not.

Lana Granger is about to graduate from college and living
a life full of lies.  Desperately needing to make some money since her trust fund is almost gone, she takes a job babysitting a young troubled boy, Luke. When her best friend Beck disappears, Lana becomes a suspect; surprisingly, Luke also seems to know more than he's letting on and revels in taunting Lana along the way.  They seem to have met each other's match, both keeping a plethora of secrets and playing one giant chess game trying to outsmart one another.

This is the type of book you'll love reading under the covers with a flashlight.  In the Blood is a psychological thriller at its best, with nail-biting moments and one heck of a satisfying ending.