Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blood of the Lamb (Sam Cabot)

Blood of the Lamb by Sam Cabot (actually the pseudonym for S.J. Rozan and Carlos Dews) combines the Church mystery of The DaVinci Code with the vampires of Twilight.  While it certainly has its share of suspenseful and heartpounding moments, the ending is just so ridiculous that I wanted to throw the book against the wall.

Father Thomas Kelly has been called to Rome by his mentor and new Vatican librarian, Cardinal Cossa.  Cossa desperately needs Kelly’s help in finding the Concordat, an ancient manuscript hidden by poet Mario Damiani that threatens to bring down the Church if it’s ever made public.  Kelly gets help from Livia Pietro, a local woman who wants to find the Concordat for her own reasons.  As Kelly and Pietro race to discover its hiding place, they realize that they are not the only ones who want to find it.

There were chapters of Blood of the Lamb that were real cliffhangers and made me want to keep reading; and then there were other parts that were dry as a bone.  It makes me wonder if the two authors wrote the chapters separately because the sections seemed a little disconnected.  And as I said, the last few chapters really made me kick myself for wasting my time with this book.  Blood of the Lamb could have been great, but unfortunately did not achieve its goal.