Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Skinny Bitch in Love (Kim Barnouin)

What can one say about a book titled Skinny Bitch in Love?  If you read it and think it’s going to be world-class literature, then I have beachfront property I’d like to sell you in Kansas.  Kim Barnouin has brought her wildly popular Skinny Bitch no-nonsense dieting empire (which she developed along with Rory Freedman) to chick lit, writing a surprisingly enjoyable quick read.

The staff of a popular vegan restaurant, including chef Clementine Cooper, is all atwitter, knowing that a renowned food critic will be making an appearance that night.  After the critic suddenly leaves, it’s determined that the chef’s butternut squash dish was sabotaged with….dum, dum, dum….real butter!!!  Clementine’s reputation is ruined; every other vegan restaurant blacklists her, so she is unable to find another position.  When a friend suggests that her talent could lead her into vegan cooking classes and baking for coffee shops, Clem begins to see that her life is not over.  With stereotypical characters like a sassy roommate, a gorgeous boyfriend, and another guy pining away for her, Skinny Bitch in Love subscribes to the tried-and-true chick lit formula.

Some reviews have pointed out that this novel is too preachy about the vegan lifestyle.  I disagree.  I actually learned a lot about veganism and especially enjoyed the food parts.  Barnouin’s view that it is not all "crunchy granola" really resonated with me.  Who knew you could have vanilla chai cupcakes and tropical fruit scones?  Sign me up!