Monday, March 25, 2013

Island Girls (Nancy Thayer)

There are some books that were just made to be thrown in a beach bag with your sunblock and towel.  Island Girls by Nancy Thayer is one of them, from the picture on the cover to the very implausible plot, to the wealthy, gorgeous characters.

Rory Randall has just died and stipulates in his will that his three daughters (from his three wives) must live together in his Nantucket house for a summer.  At the end of the season, Arden, Meg, and Jenny will be allowed to sell the house and split the money.  The three women have barely been speaking, due to a long-ago incident involving Justine, Jenny’s mother.  As the summer eases along, the women discover that their forced togetherness may not be so bad after all.

When Island Girls gets the moms involved, it becomes a little too unbelievable (literally) for my taste.  It’s like The First Wives Club in book form.  You can see that Thayer tried to impose a little substance into the material, but it succeeds more as a breezy beach book.