Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Comfort of Lies (Randy Susan Meyers)

If you're looking for a novel for your book club, Randy Susan Meyers's The Comfort of Lies is one that will offer fascinating discussions.  It revolves around four flawed and oh-so-real adults (Caroline, Tia, Juliette, Nathan) and one innocent little girl.

Nathan (who is married to Juliette) have an affair that results in a child.  Once Nathan finds out about the pregnancy, he wants nothing to do with Tia or the child, and resolves to tell Juliette about his infidelity.  After Tia gives birth, Caroline and her husband, Peter, adopt the child, and Tia tries to pick up the pieces of her life after her obsession with Nathan.  Juliette obviously has serious trust issues after learning the news of Nathan's affair and only finds out about the baby five years later, after Tia sends Nathan pictures of the child.  This is the catalyst for a chain of complex events that have consequences unforeseen to anyone.

The Comfort of Lies is definitely a pageturner and one you'll be thinking about long after you've read it.  While I found a few of the characters unlikable and questioned and shook my head at many of their choices, this book is so centered in reality that I can't fault Meyers for that.  If the reader was put in any of the characters' shoes, how does she know she wouldn't make the same decisions that they did?