Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knit Two (Kate Jacobs)

I read Kate Jacobs's first in this series, The Friday Night Knitting Club, back in January 2010. I remember curling up with it on long winter evenings, wishing that I could knit like the knitters in this book (Reread my post on this. I had just taken a knitting class, and I was the only one who left the first class without a square!). Needless to say, I like to live vicariously through people who have hobbies that I can only dream to do. Knit Two continues the story of "Walker and Daughter" and the people we have come to know and love.

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of The Friday Night Knitting Club, the reader is shocked to the core when she learns that Georgia has succumbed to cancer. Knit Two takes us years down the road, when Georgia's college-age daughter, Dakota, is running the store with her mom's friend, Peri. Georgia's long-lost friend, Catherine, is trying to find some meaning in her life while still grieving for the friend she had only just reconnected with. Anita, a spitfire in her late 70s, is preparing for her wedding to Marty while trying to find her sister somewhere in the world. Darwin has just given birth to twins, realizing that motherhood and career can go hand-in-hand.

The core of these novels is the friendship the women have with each other. Even though their lives will always intertwine, I found the number of "coincidences" in Knit Two to be less than believable. The trip to Italy, which many of them go on separately, makes the reader long to go back to the store. I did not find Georgia's trip to Scotland to visit Gran in The Friday Night Knitting Club to be as jarring as the Italy trip...perhaps because it was Georgia. I truly missed her in this sequel.