Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown)

I am fascinated by the unprecedented moneymaker that is Dan Brown. Not having had a book released since the wildly popular "The DaVinci Code", his fans preordered "The Lost Symbol" months in advance. From the unputdownable (I made that one up) "Angels and Demons" to the piece of junk "Digital Fortress", there is one thing that can be said for Dan Brown...he knows what will sell.

"The Lost Symbol" again pits Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks on the big screen) with the girl of the month...this time, Katherine Solomon, a Noetic scientist. This book tells you more than you ever wanted to know about Noetics, apparently the science of moving mass with the mind. The backdrop is not the Vatican anymore; it is another city with much symbolism, our nation's capital. All Brown books have a villain in need of a vacation...this time, a heavily tattooed man who is a master of disguises. Langdon unwillingly, through Katherine's brother, Peter, gets involved in searching for the same item the villain is searching for...hence the name of the book, "The Lost Symbol". Along the way, we learn about the fascinating history of the Masons.

If I was not very clear in my plot synopsis, I sincerely apologize. That is because the reader never really knows what is being searched for or what is really going on until the last few pages. I found myself, at times, not able to put the book down, but at other times, desperately wanting the book to be finished. That really should not be surprising to me, as some national publications rated this book one of the worst of 2009. I did not think it should have been there, but I also do not think it was one of the best. Therefore, I will put it right in the middle.