Monday, August 31, 2009

Cocktails for Three (Madeleine Wickham)

"Cocktails for Three" is one of those books that was just made for it by the pool while sipping a strawberry daquiri. Reading any book by Madeleine Wickham is wonderful for zoning out...mindless entertainment with a heart. You may know Wickham better by her pen name, Miss Sophie Kinsella, the queen of British chick lit.

This is the story of three best friends...each one with a secret. There is Candice, with a childlike innocence and a terrible past; Maggie, a new mother who does not feel any of the emotions that new moms are "supposed" to feel; and Roxanne, unbelievably glamorous with a secret man on the side. None are as happy inwardly as they portray to others. Their first of the month cocktail meetings are held as a release with friends. When a new girl enters the picture closely tied to Candice, will it tear the three friends apart for good or or bring them even closer together?

I have said before that Wickham (AKA...Sophie Kinsella) is a master at "intelligent" chick lit. The reader cares about her characters and wants them to succeed. This is a great book to read when you want to get away from it all. It's a great form of escapism.


Currently reading..."The Weight of Silence" (Heather Gudenkauf)