Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exposed (Alex Kava)

I am going to start with books that I have read so far in spring/summer 2009. Thereafter, I will keep a running blog as I read. Please send me your suggestions of books that you just could not put down. I want to say that I will read 1,776 books, but I know I have read at least that many in my lifetime, so I’m not going to count. Here goes…….

Exposed is the story of FBI agent Maggie O’Dell and her cohorts. It starts innocently with a box of doughnuts and leads to a murderer with an admiration of past killers (Unabomber, Anthrax Killer, etc.) and the most deadly biological weapon of all….Ebola Zaire. This strain is so deadly that it is called the “slate wiper”. Who will get the virus? Will they live? Who is the killer?

Here’s something you should know about me. I am not the biggest fan of mindnumbing entertainment and frivolity. I prefer to read something that’s going to make me think….psychological thrillers especially. I was able to guess the killer halfway through, and so will you.