Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Writer's Map (Huw Lewis-Jones)

The power of maps and places has captivated us for centuries. From Ptolemy’s ancient work Geographia to the realm of fantasy and science fiction, we not only need to see where we are in the real world but also see where an author takes us in a fantasy domain. Huw Lewis-Jones edited a collection of short essays into The Writer’s Map, a large book that takes readers on a journey through Narnia, Medieval Europe, and everywhere in between.

Lewis-Jones collects short essays from over a dozen authors and illustrators to discuss the magic of maps, the importance they play in shaping a story, and how they themselves were captivated by the role maps played in literature as they grew up. Each essay tackles the connection differently, but all center around the common theme that maps are critical, necessary tools in storytelling.

Full of wonderful illustrations and reproductions of maps through history, The Writer’s Map is well worth the time of anyone who enjoys geography and literature.